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Annual Membership Fee

Due once a year, every year, for any J&R Sportsplex program


$40 Per Year


$54 Per Year

Monthly Tuition Fees & policy

Tuition is due on or before the 25th of the proceeding month. For multiple classes or Sibling Discount, please check with the office.

Once the student is placed in class, they are enrolled in an ongoing basis unless 30 days’ written notice is provided to the office. A family is responsible for tuition payment until the end of the 30-day notification period.

Families are required to provide a credit card to be kept on file for payment online or via the office. This ensures your on-time payment every month and guarantees your child’s specific class space is held.

The Climbers (7 and older) – $88/month
The Climbers Advanced (8 and older) – $88/month

Cheer Flip Flop (5 to 8 years) – $88/month
Cheer Prep (8 to 18 years) – $88/month

Two-Tus (Ages2-3) – $50/month
Pre Dance (Ages 3 to 6) – $70/month
Hip Hop/Jazz (Ages 11-18) – $70/month
Tap and Ballet Combo (Ages 5-9) – $70/month
Dance Team Prep (Ages 10+) – $70/month

Friday Night Fun
Members $18
Non-Members $22
All Friday Registrations $25

Wanderers (9 to 12 months) – free
Bouncing Babies (1 to 2.5 years) – $58/month
Babynastics (2.5-3.5 years) – $82/month
Preschool/Kinder (3 to 5 years) – $88/month
Little Rings all levels (boys, 5 to 7 years) – $88/month
Mini Gym all levels (girls, 5 to 7 years) – $88/month
Boys Classes all levels (8 to 18 years) – $88/month
Girls Classes all levels (8 to 18 years) – $88/month

Lil Ninja Kidz (3-5 years) – $88/month
Ninja Kidz (5 to 7 years) – $88/month
Ninja Kidz (8 to 18 years) – $88/month

1st and 4th Friday of the Month in New Braunfels (6-14):
Enrolled Gymnastics Students $10
All Others $16

Pre-School Playgroup (through age 5):
Members $7
Non-Members $10

Tumbling all levels (8 to 18 years) – $88/month

100% money back guarantee

While we do not offer free trials, we do offer 100% money back guarantee. Please see the office for more details.

Competitive Teams: Girls gymnastic teams are by invitation only. Cost varies by team level.

Tuition discounts are available for students/siblings involved in multiple classes.